MIDI Lab 1.4, 2020-01-06
- VST3 and AudioUnit plugin versions added for Win and MacOSX
- Blocks position locking option added
- MIDI Clock na now use master/host tempo/transport as an option
- Keyboard shortcuts revised
- Loading external plugins from menu bar fixed

MIDI Lab 1.3.2, 2019-12-30
- Several fixes for loading and displaying external plugins' GUIs
- SysEx support added for MIDI Script
- Transport and tempo features added
- MacOS Sierra support added

MIDI Lab 1.3.1, 2019-12-21
- Added x8 and x16 auto-audio mixers (both mono and stereo) - customizable audio mixers with faders are planned in the future
- Menu items and shortcuts for switching tabs fixed + added CTRL+RIGHT (next tab) and CTRL+LEFT (previous tab)
- Fixes to teleports (including the bug with teleport inside macro)
- All blocks and AU/VST plugins have now an option to show their parameters as editable controllers and programs/presets
- Min/Max value added for all "MIDI Controller" controllers (faders, knobs and momentary buttons)
- Import to/Export from file for macros - allows sharing substructures between projects

MIDI Lab 1.3, 2019-12-16
- Plugin/block GUIs can be also shown as separate window
- Plugin/block GUIs cna be rearranged freely on custom tabs
- GUIs move/resize operations are now properly reflected into main app window 
- Tabs can be renamed
- Tabs navigation shortcuts added
- Toggle button added to MIDI Controller block
- Minor fixes:
	* Maximize/minimize buttons now visible on Windows too

MIDI Lab 1.2, 2019-12-10
- Command bar (can be hidden) added
- Macros copy/cut/paste and undo/redo fixed
- ASIO, DirectSound and WASAPI support added (Windows only)
- Demo version made available for download (Windows and MacOS)

MIDI Lab 1.1, 2019-11-25
- GUI completely reworked
- Audio features added:
	* Audio In and Audio Out blocks
	* Basic audio processing blocks (e.g. mixers)
	* Audio cables
	* Audio to/from external plugins
- Macro blocks added allowing encapsulating and reusing substructures
- Copy/Cut/Paste commands added
- New MIDI processing blocks:
	* MIDI Patchbays 4x4 and 8x8
	* MIDI Store/Recall (CC,PC,SysEx)
	* Conditional gate
	* Switches 1->2 and 2->1
	* Teleports - remote send/receive
- MIDI Send message block can now be set to generate a message upon preset loading
- External plugins are now categorised by manufacturer
- Blocks and external plugins GUI now displayed in tabs
- Custom tabs can be created containing multiple block/plugins editors
- Blocks connections/cables can be now in different colours
- Undo/Redo has been corrected and extended to cover most of the apps actions

MIDI Lab 1.0.1, 2019-05-09
- Added 8-out versions of the MIDI Splitter and MIDI Merger blocks
- MIDI Zones: all MIDI channel messages (e.g. CC, PC) are now properly transformed and passed through, not only Note On/Off messages
- MIDI Zones: settings are now properly recalled when UI is closed and reopened
- Minor fixes to how blocks are handled

MIDI Lab 1.0, 2019-04-01
- Initial release